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Monday, 23 July 2012

DIY Denim Vest !!!! (Bleached&Frayed)

So for a while now I've been seeing a ton of denim jackets with the acid wash patterns, and especially denim vests. Any kind of denim but with the frayed, "beat up" kind of look. So today I decided to take my denim jacket from American Eagle, which was too big and to turn it into a denim vest with a street style edge. To get this edge, i'm going to; bleach the jacket, cut the sleeves and fray where they used to be and to top it off, put studs on the shoulder and maybe the pockets. Now here's what my jacket looked like before(the picture made it lighter then it really is...);

Now first things to do for BLEACHING;
1) Get everything ready before you start the bleaching process (so before the fun begins). This means you should have a pail filled with water, half a litter of vinegar beside it (explain why later), a little bit of soap besides the pail too, your bleach in a spray bottle (preferably one with different spray functions) and gloves.
2) You're going to dunk your denim item in the water (make sure everything is wet) then wait a bit till it is damp
3) When it is damp (with your gloves on!), start spraying your bleach in any form of pattern you want. *But because denim is such a thick material, if you want to bleach a part of it to make it turn white or almost white, you may need to spray a lot of bleach on that one area.
4) And now you wait and keep a watchful eye on your denim. While you're waiting you can start pouring in the vinegar and soap into your pail.
5) When your denim item has reached its bleached perfection, then you dunk it in your water-mixture and mix! *You need to add in the vinegar because the vinegar will stop the bleach from eating through your clothes.
6) And then you start bleaching the back! Once you're done, just soak it into your water mixture and then rinse it in your washer (add some vinegar in that too just to be safe!) 
To bleach my denim vest, it only took 1h altogether(not too bad!). Here's how the front of mine turned out!!
And heres the bottom! (Going to cut the sleeves off)
Im actually pretty happy with the pattern and the colours that turned out! And heres a photo without the sleeves;
You can't really tell in the photo but I frayed the edges of the arms and the collar. Here's the video I watched to learn how to fray them; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmkV6zb2N5s
And I really wanted to add studs onto the shoulders of my vest, like spikes, but I looked everywhere and I couldn't find any!! :'( </3 But if you guys find some, you should definitely add them to really completely the look! Here's what I paired my denim vest with;

And you should comment/message me either here or via my lookbook and show me how your denim project turns out! I'd love to see what y'all come up with (: Plus this look (on top) is on my lookbook o go check it out too!
cya, hope to hear from youzz! xoxo

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