“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

Andre Berthiaume

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Now Do You "Sea" Me?

Romper; some store in Scotland, I can't remember the name :'(
Heels; thrift store in Scotland
As I just mentioned, I bought the romper and the heels while I was in Scotland. I bought them in a town called Arbroath, which has a full street full of just thrift stores and at the end has a little mall with a couple stores inside.
For accessories, I paired this up with pearl earrings and a gold ring with some fake diamonds on top. Here's a better photo of it;
And here is a closer look to the sea pattern of the romper;
I really like this romper because usually, rompers sinch in around the tummy area and I'd rather not draw focus to that area so I always look for rompers that sinch in around the waist which draws attention away (thank god!) from my tummy area and makes my legs look longer which is a really nice bonus (; Another reason why I now love (and not like!) my new romper is because it is 'sea' patterned which a lot of designers have on their runway shows! Plus, I feel like the sea is magical place and it is filled with beauty (as geeky as that sounds...).

I'm wearing this out to supper with my dad, some where decently fancy but not too fancy (if that makes any sense!) but if I want to play it down and wear it out with friends, I usually pair it up with coral coloured flats.
You can go check out my look on lookbook right here!
And if you're wondering about my hair....im growing out my bangs so that is why in the last look, my hair has been tied up and I'm waiting till my bangs are grown out a bit more before I dyed my hair thus why you see my roots.....sorry it doesn't look too good right now.
But hope you all like this look and have a great day! xo (:

Monday, 27 August 2012

You "Blue" Me Away

Blue Dress; Republic from Scotland <3
Clutch; BCBG
Heels; Nine West from Rooster
Wore this dress to go out with friends, and I wore the heels and clutch with my grad dress. 
You can go check out my graduation look here on lb or here for on my blog!
And here's a closer look at my heels just so you can get a closer look at the pattern;
And if you want to go check out this look on lookbook, click here!I got this asymmetrical blue dress while I was in Scotland, and I've been looking for anything asymmetrical and when I found this, I fell in love with it! I feel like I can wear this look to the club but that I could also play it down with a pair of flats and a blazer. So happy with this find! <3 
Sorry i don't have really too much to say about this look but I hope you're all having a good one! xo

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Back from The Land of Scotts

So Im (finally) back from Scotland! It was definitely the best two weeks of my life. The scenery over there is just breath taking, and I know how cheesy that sounds but like my photos of Scotland don't even come close to doing it justice. I feel like everyone should go to either Italy, France and/or Scotland before they die because those places are so different from any where else. And I know this might shock some of you, but I fell in love with the food there which means I now love haggis. But besides me getting fatter in scotland (and not to mention becoming a temporary alcoholic while being there cause the drinking age is 18!!), I fell in love with the people. The scotts are the nicest, friendliest and funniest people I've ever met. Plus, since I went to Scotland with a group of people and these people brought family and friends, I met these great girls and built life long friendships with them, forrealzies. But anyway, I just wanted to show you some of the outfits I wore in Scotland to maybe give some one ideas of what to bring.
For example; in this photo I'm wearing my tan shorts (from Abercrombie), a crop top (from American Apparel) and my hair is in a french braid to keep it simple. I only packed this one pair of shorts because it was supposed to rain a while lot while we were in Scotland but it ended up being bright and sunny.
Whereas in this photo, Im dressed for the rain. Im wearing; my rain coat from Hollister, a stripped long-sleeved shirt from Abercrombie, jeans from Garage, paired it with my Burkenstocks and put my hair in a bun to again, keep it simple.
But since it didn't rain a lot during the two weeks I was there, I packed 2 dresses (just in case the group went somewhere fancy!). This dress is form Hush, and it's the same one as my look "Well Isn't That just <Peach>y" (which is also on lookbook, click here!)
But since it was supposed to rain a lot, I packed two pairs of leggings and a couple nice shirts, again just in case we had to look decent/fancy. So in this photo, I'm at the World Bag Pipping Championships and it was really warm out so I wore my leggings and my unicorn shirt from French Connection. It's the same shirt from my look "Unicorns and Lions".
These are just a couple of the outfits I had worn on my trip and I know they aren't high fashion or lookbook worthy, but I had to pack things for rain weather and I couldn't pack a lot so these are a couple of the things I packed. Mostly comfortable things, cause two weeks in scotland with my family and doing tons of activities, comfort is key!
Anyways, hope I gave some people ideas! Don't hate on my photos.....ahahaha bye xo

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Long Day Ahead of Me

Hey everyone,
As I mentioned before, Im leaving for Scotland today and before I leave for two weeks, I just wanted to do one last blog entry to show you all what I'm wearing on the plane! Right now it is 5:25 AM and I'm already to go. I have a pretty long day ahead of me because I will be spending all today on planes and at the airport -___- But anyways, back to my look! This is what Im wearing;
This sweater is from Aritzia, brand TNA. Im wearing it for my busy day filled with flights because it's so comfortable and cozy I paired it up with ripped jeans and nude flats.
Anyways, I gotta leave soon to be at the airport, so long! (sorry if this blog doesn't really make sense, I'm a little tired....) xo (:

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hey guys, sorry for the un-planned hiatus from my blog! i don't know why but I just couldn't really find the time to write in it everyday, so I'm making up for it right now and just adding a couple [hotos of the things I've worn on this past hiatus.
In this photo (on top), I'm wearing my neon pink shirt which supports the Canadian Architects. Ive worn it in my previous look; Hispter Look

In this photo, I am wearing clothes! Im actually wearing a teal romper which I got last summer in Quebec from a store called "Ou La La". Here's a better photo

And then in this look, on top, I'm wearing my stripped long sleeve shirt from Abercrombie&Fitch. Its so comfy and I always pair up with my ripped jeans.
but I'm I know I just took a short hiatus, but I am going to Scotland tuesday for two weeks so I won't be able to post blogs but when I get back I will post photos and the things I wore in Scotland! (:

Photographs that I Love

Photographs that I Love
omfg they're gorgeous,cant'y get enough of these twins! <3