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Andre Berthiaume

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Now Do You "Sea" Me?

Romper; some store in Scotland, I can't remember the name :'(
Heels; thrift store in Scotland
As I just mentioned, I bought the romper and the heels while I was in Scotland. I bought them in a town called Arbroath, which has a full street full of just thrift stores and at the end has a little mall with a couple stores inside.
For accessories, I paired this up with pearl earrings and a gold ring with some fake diamonds on top. Here's a better photo of it;
And here is a closer look to the sea pattern of the romper;
I really like this romper because usually, rompers sinch in around the tummy area and I'd rather not draw focus to that area so I always look for rompers that sinch in around the waist which draws attention away (thank god!) from my tummy area and makes my legs look longer which is a really nice bonus (; Another reason why I now love (and not like!) my new romper is because it is 'sea' patterned which a lot of designers have on their runway shows! Plus, I feel like the sea is magical place and it is filled with beauty (as geeky as that sounds...).

I'm wearing this out to supper with my dad, some where decently fancy but not too fancy (if that makes any sense!) but if I want to play it down and wear it out with friends, I usually pair it up with coral coloured flats.
You can go check out my look on lookbook right here!
And if you're wondering about my hair....im growing out my bangs so that is why in the last look, my hair has been tied up and I'm waiting till my bangs are grown out a bit more before I dyed my hair thus why you see my roots.....sorry it doesn't look too good right now.
But hope you all like this look and have a great day! xo (:

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Photographs that I Love
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