“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

Andre Berthiaume

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kranberry Kisses

Studded Colar; Urban Outfitters in Glasgow <3
Cranberry Pants; Joe Fresh
Purse; Harris Tweed (Scotland <3)
Loafers; Vintage from Vancouver <3
I just got these "cranberry" coloured jeans the other day and I thought they went really well with this cream coloured studded-collard shirt and with my beautiful harris tweed purse. I wouldn't really say that this look is summer-y, I'd say if paired up with like a black or grey blazer that it would be more appropriate for fall!

I also paired this look up with my ugly loafers, which you can read about here, because I felt like the ensemble was too plain and that it was missing some sort of accessory with some individuality and "uniqueness" (which is totes a real word, now.)
So I wore this too a party tonight (which I was dd, like always....#ugh) and was pretty comfortable! The only thing is, the pants tend to lose their shape really quickly so they were looking a little frumpy and saggy in some areas which should be left alone.....Plus, I did a bit of walking and the loafers were not comfortable. I have some nice blisters developing. But oh well, beauty is pain! And I don't mind suffering for fashion <3 
As a side note, "always be dressed as if you're going to see your worst enemy" by Kimora Lee Simmons. It just pop-ed into my head during this moment and will probably forever be engraved in my mind. Does that ever happen to you? Where something happens and you just have this random thought that pops in, so whenever you think of the thought or memory, the other quickly jumps into your mind?
Anywho, have a good night! xo (;
p.s you can go see this look on lookbook by click right heeerrree!

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Photographs that I Love
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