“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

Andre Berthiaume

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Starting Fresh!

So I just started my first year of University yesterday! And since it's a whole new universe and a whole new chapter of my life, I decided that I need a whole new look and that's why I dyed my hair back to its natural colour, a dark brown.
In this photo, I'm wearing;
pink pants from H&M
jean shirt from Gap
shoes from Rooster, Jeffrey Campbells
bag, which has a highland coo on it, from scotland <3
So this is what I wore on my first day of Uni! And this is my bike, which I will ride to school every day and which the security guard at my school told me no one would steal...thanks. 
If you want to read more about my loves, my shoes, click here !
My first day at university went by pretty fast and I only had two classes! Basic calculus, which seems like it'll be hard because I learnt all the terms in french but I'll manage. And then Introduction to Ancient Greek, which seems like it'll be super hard because we will be getting homework every night and a test every week. So I might have to drop out of, which sucks because I really wish I could stay in the class and that I had the motivation to push myself to do all the work, but I just know I won't and that'll fall behind :( But besides that, it went pretty well! Every one at university was wearing coloured pants....I don't know what I'll pair up with normal jeans now! Im worried about that, hahaha.
You can't see this look on lookbook because I didn't think it was ''lookbook appropriate'' if you know what I mean.
But on an other note, I hope everyone is having a good day! have a good night xo (:
p.s this is for bloglovin, so don't mind any of this....
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Photographs that I Love
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