“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

Andre Berthiaume

Friday, 4 May 2012

My Grandpa Loafers

Shoes; Thrifty Find
I know some people find these shoes ugly, but I love them <3 They are another one of my thrifty finds while I was in Vancouver and I found them in the Mens section...Oh well, I love them! They are unique and different, which is what I want to express with my style. So really, they're perfect for me! Also I love the tassels with the cold cuffs, adorable!
I pair my thrifty loafers with; leggings and a flowery sleeveless top.
For once, you can go see this look on lookbook !
Anyways since I'm feeling a little fancy and English, farewell! (:

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Photographs that I Love

Photographs that I Love
omfg they're gorgeous,cant'y get enough of these twins! <3