“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

Andre Berthiaume

Monday, 14 May 2012


Blazer: Aritzia
Dress: American Eagle
Sandals: Aldo
Necklace: Sears
Purse(my favourite one): Urban Outfitters
Ethereal(adjective): extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago, and I felt like the world "Ethereal" described it perfectly. I love this flower printed blazer because its so light and it just flows. Plus the colour scheme goes really well with this white dress.
My purse is from Urban Outfitters and I love it. To me,; it's elegant and classic, goes with every thing, makes every outfit a little bit more fancy, etc...I just really love it!
You can go see this look on lookbook so go check it out! :) 
Hope you're all having a great day(:

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Photographs that I Love

Photographs that I Love
omfg they're gorgeous,cant'y get enough of these twins! <3