“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

Andre Berthiaume

Monday, 25 June 2012

Graduation Day!

Dress; LA Collections
This is what I wore to my high school graduation sunday! It was a pretty hectic day but I had the funnest night of my life. I had to wake up at nine to go get my hair done, get my makeup done at twelve then on my way to a friends to take photos! Then spent hours and hours and more hours being photographed and yet, this is the only photo of just me in my dress...regretting it. But now that high school is over, I'm gonna miss it. It was definitely the best years of my life, met the people ill always remember and grow old with, gonna go on living life with memories I couldn't forget even if I tried and yet it was all over in a blink of an eye. And now for the hard part; living life, in the real world.
Anyways, back to my look! I paired it up with a pair of shoes from Rooster and a lace clutch from BCBGMAXZARIA. The shoes were black with gold and silver detailing to it (hard to describe, will post photo soon!) and the clutch was black lace with gold underneath (ill post a photo too!). I decided not to wear any jewellery because I don't really like to wear any so I kept it simple. Here's a better photo of my clutch, but it's one with a friend so don't mind him ;

Well so long and now to have a sob fest by myself, have a good one everyone

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Photographs that I Love

Photographs that I Love
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